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"The Tractor"

Today we laid to rest one of Detroit’s own, Robert Traylor. Affectionately known as “Tractor Traylor” in many basketball circles. His life proved to be as controversial as his nickname. Then again, as a D-boy being controversial comes with the territory.

What is a D-boy? A “Detroit boy”? A “Dope boy”? A “Dangerous boy”? Well, the answer may be just as misunderstood as those who choose to don the label. To me, a D-boy embodies everything that is encrusted in you as person while growing up in the City of Detroit. A D-boy is very resourceful, wily, and determined. Determined to not only improve his own situation, but also that of those whom he chooses to surround himself with. Robert Traylor embodied all these qualities and more.

Tractor Traylor’s outgoing personality and infectious smile touched everyone he came into contact with. By all accounts, he was truly a gentle giant and genuine person in general.

By the time I entered high school, Robert Traylor had already established himself as a top prospect at a neighboring school. Two years my senior, he was already set to follow in the footsteps of the “Fab Five” and head up to U of M. I fondly remember being enrolled in a college prep program, that included students from Traylor’s school (Murray Wright). As we were bussed over to pick up those students, Traylor was a common site on those weekends. Constantly honing his game on the courts, and always offering words of encouragement to the underclassmen as they boarded the bus. “Yall gone make it out yall way, and I’m gone make it out mine.”, he would say.

The nickname Tractor was even controversial. Unfitting, because Traylor was actually very light on his feet. This came from years of jumping rope. A ritual that was prescribed to him by his aunt, who played basketball professionally herself. The name was fitting because not only was his game imposing to opponents, but also because he had the strength to pull up all those who he extended his reach to. Like I said, A True D-Boy…R.I.P


Ca~L- “Do I got somethin to say?! Yeah, just about everyday”



With the recent dismissal of the reigning Champion Los Angelos Lakers, a new champion will be crowned this year in the NBA. The untimely ousting of the Lakers has so called EXPERTS scratching their heads and scrambling to change their pre-playoff picks…

The vacated title has many of the remaining teams all of the sudden liking their chances. With the former champs OFF the board, the path seams a bit easier, especially in the Western Conference. At this point, the Miami Heat  are my preeminent favorite coming out of the Eastern Conference. Boston’s swagger has been somewhat diminished with the loss of Kendrick Perkins and the shuffling of bench players namely Shaq, Glenn Davis, and Jeff Green.

The Chicago Bulls are cute, but not ready in my eyes, to take the next step. Although they secured the league’s BEST record and have have the league’s MVP, they are a year or two away from being ready for the LIMELIGHT. The struggles that they are having with their second round foes (Atlanta Hawks), lends evidence of this.

In the West, The Dallas Mavericks now seemed PRIMED to represent the conference in the Finals. I can appreciate the noble efforts of both, The Memphis Grizzlies as well as The Oklahoma Thunder. However, both these squads pale in comparison to the performance we just witnessed by The Dallas Mavericks…

The playoffs continue tonight, who are YOU backing to come out on top and ultimately rock the crown as CHAMPIONS?!

With the title now up for grabs…WHO will emerge to claim the throne?

“Do I got something to SAY?! Yeah, just about EVERYDAY”