Raise Your Expectations For The Detroit Lions

Excuse my absents but there is much going on in Detroit Man’s Room and there is much to come. I am back to talk Detroit Lions football. This is normally the time of year that Lions fans have a high heart rate for a big free agent splash and the replacement for Jeff Backus. Everyone should have a normal pulse but some are not satisfied with bringing back 21 of 22 starters.
I stated last off season that after the 2011 season the Lions would set the standard of being a consistent competitive football. The next step is the hardest. That is being a consistent contender. I am not afraid to say it. It is now time for Lions fans to expect to play for a Super Bowl title. I did not say i expect them to win it all this year, but if you are of a weak heart and only expect to win 1-2 playoff games and keep taking baby steps, then close your laptops and go play Madden. Yes, we do need to take the necessary steps to play for a ring; compete for a division title, get into the playoffs, be hot and healthy at the right time. If you don’t believe we are in position to do so then continue fighting with yourself on how to build for 2013, 2014, 2015. The Lions aren’t a perfect team and neither are any of the other 31 teams in the NFL.

Think about the last 2 Super Bowl winners. The Green Bay Packers (2009) and the New York Giants (2010) were both the last team to get in the playoffs. So don’t believe that a 10-6 or a 9-7 football team can’t win it all. On the flip side what good is it to go 15-1 or 14-2 just to host a playoff game and get bounced?

This regime has been in place 4 off seasons. It’s time for General manager Martin Mayhew to deliver a solid 2012 draft (Not just pick 23). Jim Schwartz needs to coach better now that the team is at a different stage. The coordinators have to draw up better game plans. The players need to execute the plan and play better. As fans and anyone covering the Lions it is time to raise your expectations for this team.



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  1. courage April 18, 2012 12:07 pm  Reply

    You are correct Smitty! No longer are the Lions bad. Everyone has to start thinking this way. Lions fans, NFL fans, beat writers, national writes, etc.

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